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April 2nd, 2005

11:53 am
I had an artist thing. Enjoy.
1. Mary Cassat 2. Pablo Picasso 3. Mark Rothko 4. Pablo Picasso
5. Pablo Picasso 6. Salvador Dali 7. Salvador Dali
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: Ben Folds Five - One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

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March 1st, 2005

07:25 pm
This is pretty much a failure. Sorry to the 4 people who joined out of pity.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: Busta Rhymes feat. Sean Paul - Make Ya Clap (Remix)

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February 28th, 2005

01:28 pm - Request-time...
Okay. I'm OCD. And my LJ layout is green and white. Therefore, I need a green and white icon. However, my backround picture is already a cleverly placed green and white Wet-nap picture. (Its from a song, i'm not nuts). Well, I may be a little nuts because of the OCD. Hmm. Anyway, I need an idea for a green and white icon. Maybe something Mates Of State-esque. Help?

♥ C-Dizzle
Current Mood: awakeITS SNOWING
Current Music: Goods (All in Your Head) - Mates of State

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February 27th, 2005

12:17 pm
So this is the first entry of SBB_Icons. Everyone is welcome to join, but please note we are still under construction.
Here are some bases that I have made as well as some icons. There are 18 total.
Take a look.Collapse )
Enjoy SBB
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Original Broadway Cast - It's Possible (McElligot's Pool)

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